This afternoon over 700 pupils from across 12 City Primary schools took part in the GO Run for Fun held at Wollaton Park.

Although the weather looked to put a dampener on the event in the morning, all of the athletes turned up in their sponsored pink t-shirts and ran the mile course in sunshine!

British athlete Lynsay Sharp, an 800m runner who has competed at World, European and Commonwealth Championships and hopes to take part in the Rio Olympics, provided inspiration to the young runners along with the mascot- Dart!

Congratulations to all of the pupils and staff who took part in this inclusive, fun event.

About the organisers:
The GO Run for Fun programme has a very simple aim - to get as many kids between the age of 5 and 10 running as possible, through well organised fun events. Whether it is 1 km or 1 mile does not matter. Since GO Run For Fun kicked off in Summer 2013, we have seen well over 100,000 young runners take part in events spanning the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Houston, USA

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