The Flag Relay launch took place at Wollaton Park on Friday 18th May alongside the world record attempt of ‘The Big Dance’. Children from across the City and County Schools took part in the afternoon all performing the same choreographed dance routine at 1pm.
The School Sport Nottingham Flag Relay was then opened to coincide with the Olympic Torch coming to the UK. Every school in the City has been invited to take part in the Flag Relay with each school involved in the relay receiving a flag to represent their participation in the event to use and display in their school to mark the occasion.
Pupils from Secondary and Primary schools have been selected to carry the flags to neighbouring schools in their area, uniting the City in a celebration of cultures, learning and sporting activities
Over the next 6 weeks the Flag Relays will take place culminating with a closing ceremony at the Castle Friday on 28th June.

For pictures of the event please CLICK HERE

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