The Sainsbury's School Games Mark application process for the 2013/14 academic year is now live on

Schools can apply online for the award between Wednesday 04 June and Wednesday 01 October 2014.

The Sainsburys School Games Mark rewards schools for their commitment to and development of competition, school sport and physical education. Schools are asked to assess themselves against a Bronze, Silver or Gold Level Criteria.

In order to achieve any level of the Sainsburys School Games Mark, schools must meet the following prerequisites.
During the 2013/14 academic year, schools must have:
-a system in place to track young peoples participation in the Sainsburys School Games;
-opportunities that attract less-active young people to participate in physical activity;
-held a Sainsburys School Games Day as the culmination of a year-round competition programme;
-a calendar of competition that demonstrates opportunities for young people with SEN to take part in competitions;
-a notice board promoting Sainsburys School Games activity

What if a school applied last year?
If a school successfully achieved the Mark in 2012/13 the award will expire at the end of the academic year. So, don't forget to re-apply for the award for the 2013/14 school year.

If your school achieves the Sainsbury's School Games Mark you will be able to download the official logo and you will also be able to view your application via your school dashboard. Your official Sainsbury's School Games Mark certificate will be sent directly to your school.

Once a Mark has been awarded to your school you are able to use the appropriate logo on letterheads and other materials such as newsletters or your school website.

To apply schools can log in to their school dashboard on where the online application is now available along with a range of support materials.

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