The Year 1/2 Key Step Gymnastics Competition took place on Wednesday 5th December at Ellis Guilford Sports Centre. 12 teams from 7 schools across the City entered the competition and have spent the last 6 weeks practicing their routines during curriculum time and after school clubs. The routines the gymnasts performed consisted of- Body Management, Floor and Bench.
Many of the teams were hit by pupils off school due to illness; however the teachers worked very hard to pull in reserve gymnasts for the event and make up their teams of 6 competitors.
As the competition ran after school, 4pm-6pm, many of the pupilís parents came and showed their support and encouragement for the young gymnasts. The judges for the event were represented by Ellis Guilford Schoolís leadership programme who took on the responsibility of managing the stations and scoring the events.
A big well done to all the children who participated, each child received a School Sport Nottingham Certificate with medals being awarded to the top 3 teams.
The Spirit of the Games award went to Seely Infants and Forest Fields pupils, who each received the Ďdeterminationí wrist bands for their excellent hard work and dedication during the past 6 weeks and during the competition.
The results were extremely close and showed how well the schools had prepared their teams for this event, however it was the defending champions which took the top spot, Fernwood Infants by a margin of 0.8-

1. Fernwood B 162.5
2. Old Basford 161.7
3. Whitemoor A 161.1
4. Fernwood A 157.7
5. Seely Infants 148.9
6. Whitemoor B 147.2
7. Bulwell St Marys 141.6
8. Fernwood C 133.9
9. Haydn B 133.5
10. Whitemoor C 132.9
11. Haydn A 127.1
12. Forest Fields 84.7 (only 4 gymnasts)

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