The Yr. 5/6 Sportshall Athletics Final took place on Thursday 4th December at Nottingham Trent University.

The final 6 teams making it to this event have progressed from the heats and semi-finals battling against 30 City Schools to make it through to this prestigious event.

All of the schools were well prepared and ready for this event and you could see from the first track races that this was going to be a closely contended competition with schools really pushing for the top places.

After the first set of races Old Basford and Southwark were tied in gold place. Old Basford have been champions of this event for the last few years but you could see that Southwark have really improved and worked hard with their athletes to contend for the top spot.

The remaining schools also showed some great scores with St Augustineís taking the lead in the speed bounce for the girls and boys and Robin Hood girls taking the top spot on the standing long jump.

Southwark boys however were unstoppable in the field events and challenged for the top 2 places in every event. Due to this they pulled away from the rest of the teams and held onto their lead during the final track races.

Southwark became the Sportshall Champions for the first time beating Old Basford by 46 points.

They will now represent the City at the County School Games Final on Thursday 26th February at Nottingham University.

Old Basford-196
St Augustineís- 158
Robin Hood- 154
Milford- 150
St Marys HG- 122

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