Last night saw the first School Sport Nottingham Dance Showcase take place at Ellis Guilford School.
Eleven schools took part with 12 groups taking to the stage watched by 500 spectators.
Although the emphasis on the night was for all performers to enjoy their time on stage and have the opportunity to show off their talents and hard work, each act was judged on 4 areas. These included:
Their overall group performance, their dance skills, their originality, and group uniformity. This gave them a mark out of 100.
The evening started with a performance by the Ellis Guilford Dance Academy which rehearse once a week after school. The stage was lit up and the showcase began.
All schools put on a great performance with themes including the little mermaid, Oliver Twist, Expression and Whispers. The audience clapped and cheered and there was a great atmosphere and encouragement given to all dancers.
After the 12 performances had finished we were treated to a closing dance by Tawio Bamiduro. Tai, has been dancing for 8 years, with his main style being popping and locking. He has reached the live semi-finals on Sky 1 ‘Got to Dance’ and BBC3 ‘Move like Michael Jackson’
He has competed and won many street dancing tournaments and performed on tour in Egypt, Dubai, Turkey France and Greece. The pupils all loved watching Tai who proved to be a real inspiration to the boys involved in the show case.

Once the scores were calculated the final positions were:
1. Southwark Primary
2. Whitemoor
3. Old Basford 1
4. Old Basford 2
5. Blue Bell Hill
6. St Marys HG
7. Sycamore
7. Hempshill Hall
7. Ambleside
10.Bulwell St Marys
11.Forest Fields
12.St Teresa’s

© School Sport Nottingham 2011

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