The Yr. 5/6 High 5 Netball Championships took place on Thursday 23rd April at The Nottingham Emmanuel School, 1.15pm-3pm.
9 teams took part and started the afternoon matches split into two leagues playing 2-halves and rotating their players depending on their 7, 8 or 9 squad of players.
After the first league of matches had played the top schools from each league were- Southwark A, Whitemoor, St Teresas and Fernwood.
The remaining schools- Brocklewood, Southwark B, William Booth, St Margarets and Robin Hood all continued to play 5 minute friendly games to practice their team work, positioning and passing skills. Throughout the afternoon all pupils showed a great level of sportsmanship and improved their understanding of the High 5 Netball Rules. The matches were umpired by the Nottingham Emmanuel School Leaders who took part in a training session with England Netball prior to this event.
The final matches were very closely contended with Whitemoor and Southwark A team ending in a 1-1 draw. This meant the teams took part in an exciting penalty shootout which ended in a win for Whitemoor who clinched the Bronze medals.
Fernwood Juniors dominated their matches and it was clear their after school club has had a great impact on developing the pupils passing and ball skills. The final match ended:
Fernwood 4- St Teresas 1
Congratulations to Fernwood for their Gold Medal win and to St Teresas for taking home the silver.
Yr 6 Girls Only Netball will take place on Wednesday 4th June.

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