School Sport Nottingham invited Primary schools across the City to take part in its first Cross Country Relay Event.

This event was a new addition to the sporting calendar and after its success on Thursday 9th October will now be a regular feature.

Schools gathered at the adventure centre at Colwick Park on a rather windy afternoon, however we were very lucky with the weather as the rain held off for the afternoon and even some sunshine was spotted from time to time.

The race included 13 Girls and 16 Boys teams from Year 5/6. Teams consisted of 4 competitors with a separate boys and girls race. The girl’s race started at just after each 1pm with each competitor running 0.8 mile around the lake. The baton was passed to each team mate after each lap of the lake before the final competitor crossed the finish line.

The girl’s results were as followed:
1. Southwark A 26.4
2. Ambleside 28.2
3. Greenfields 29.48
4. Robin Hood 30.29
5. Bentink A 31.18
6. Heathfield 32.05
7. Southwark B 33.1
8. Bluebell Hill 33.21
9. Nottingham Academy 33.25
10. St Augustines 34.12
11. Windmill 35.08
12. Burford 37.15
13. Bentink B 39.41

The boys were next to race and after cheering on their girls teams were excited to get going. The boys showed some excellent pace with a couple of closely contended times at the finish line. Southwark set an extremely fast time which will be very hard to beat in future years.

The boy’s race results were as followed:
1. Southwark A 23.12
2. St Augsutines 24.52
3. Southwark B 25.08
4. Heathfield 25.25
5. Bluebell Hill 25.48
6. Our Lady 26.08
7. Greenfields B 27.47
8. Nottingham Academy 28.11
9. Robin Hood 30.2
10. Greenfields A 30.3
11. Robin Hood 30.4
12. Burford 31.43
13. Bentink B 32.15
14. Windmill A 34.42
15. Windmill B 3.01

Congratulations to all schools involved and well done to the teachers who joined in and ran the course too!

Many Thanks to the marshals from the adventure team at College Street who encouraged and helped the athletes as they ran the course.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

© School Sport Nottingham 2011

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