The Year 5/6 Basketball Tournament took place on Thursday 29th November at Nottingham Trent University, Lee Westwood Sports Centre, 1pm-3pm. Teams from across the City took part in this mini basketball Championships with the winners progressing through to the County School Games Day in the Summer.

To replicate the School Games County event, teams were made up of a minimum of 10 players and rotated their squad after each half. A minimum of 2 players of each gender had to be represented on court at any one time.

The two hour event saw teams split into two leagues and play a round robin format to decide who would then be entered into the finals and play off competition.

Leaders from South Notts Colleges helped to referee the matches and saw some good defending skills, teamwork and sportsmanship from all the teams involved.

The winnerís league saw Robin Hood, Southwark, South Wilford and Whitemoor A team fight it out for the top 3 places and Jubilee, Whitemoor B team and Burford play for the plate winnerís medals.

Unfortunately due to illness and squad sizes Old Basford A and B Team, and Seagrave played in the event however were unable to medal as they didnít have the correct number of players.

Well done to all the pupils who played in this challenging event! Each player received a School Sport Nottingham certificate, and the top three winnerís league teams all received medals. The plate winners also received gold medals for their performance.

The results are as follows:

Old Basford- Spirit of the Games wrist band winners for Teamwork.

Winners League-
1. Robin Hood
2. Whitemoor A
3. South Wilford
4. Southwark
Plate Competition-
1. Jubilee
2. Burford
3. Whitemoor B
Old Basford A
Old Basford B
Seagrave Primary

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