Monday 7th December saw our first City Handball tournament. The event invited schools to bring a team from Yr. 3/4 to Lee Westwood Sports Centre for an afternoon of matches.

Nine schools took part in the event which was supported by the Handball Development Officer Ricardo Vasconcelos and students from Central College.

Handball is a great sport for pupils to gain confidence from working as a team, very little equipment is needed allowing it to be played anywhere and all pupils have the opportunity to score a goal. The rules were adapted to suite the younger age group and to allow maximum success. All of the teams taking part really enjoyed the afternoon and for many it was their first experience of a competition outside of the school.

At the end of the 7 rounds of matches nearly 500 goals had been scored in 2hours. The final match was an extremely close contest, both Whitemoor and Ambleside had played very well over the course of the afternoon and at full time the final result was a draw. An extra minute of time was added and the 5 girls from each team took to the court. Whitemoor scored an additional 2 goals and took the City title.

1. Whitemoor
2. Ambleside
3. Heathfield
4. Southwark

Congratulations to the rest of the teams who took part- Our Lady OPS, Southglade, Riverside, Blue Bell Hill, Brocklewood and Riverside.

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